AdvantIQx is proud to announce that this project (identification number 13XP5093A) is funded by the German ministry of education and research (BMBF).

The problem with existing implants

We envision a future in which a dental implant should last a whole lifetime. Yet 7.6% of patients loose at least one implant within a timeframe of only nine years. The main reasons for implant loss are periimplantitis, fractures of implants or abutments, and loosening of screws and abutments.

According to various studies about 10 to 40 % of implants are affected by periimplantitis. Even though periimplantitis remains to be the greatest risk for implants, marketing divisions of global implant producers negate those incidents or try to cover them up.

Still the problem remains obvious for experienced dental implantologists and a new approach for the prevention and treatment of periimplantitis is urgently needed because every single patient that suffers from periimplantitis may be faced with additional costs and severe inconveniences since the complete removal of the affected implant is often the only effective treatment.

Our innovative solution

The AdvantIQx implant is a breakthrough product. In an effort to come up with a treatment for periimplantitis we challenged the current designs of dental implants from the ground up.

In a disruptive approach, after several years of analyzing more than 600 scientific trials, AdvantIQx developed a totally new implant system that addresses all occurring problems with dental implants.

Novel opportunity to treat periimplantitis effectively.

Longer lifespan because of new and more endurable materials.

Faster healing process and easier to handle.

Our implant should not only reduce the risk of the patient getting periimplantitis in the first place, but it will also make it easy to treat this disease if it occurs.

Furthermore, the new implant design and the use of new materials should reduce the risk of implant fractures and should distribute the force on the jaw bone more evenly. The new design enables a fully digital approach from planning to restoration, even with individual implants. The prosthetic handling is easy as setting a crown.

The IQ in AdvantIQx

During our extensive research we came up with 10 so called IQs - Implant Qualities - that mention the shortcomings of existing implants and symbolize the advantages of our innovative solution:

AdvantIQx implants offer a novel opportunity to treat periimplantitis
Absence of rough surface coating
Low-modulus titanium leads to an improved bone adaption
More crestal bone due to a smaller diameter at the shoulder of the implant (platform switch) and in general less crestal bone stress
Superior stability, reduced tendency to fractures
The external cone provides a tapered connection up to five millimeter, hence a more stable one
A longer replacement abutment allows the medical treatment of partially exposed implants after gingival recession
The titanium alloy contains no toxic elements such as aluminum or vanadium
Angulated external cone allows preoperative planning of prosthetic axis and is easier to handle
Superslim, supershort and blade implants are possible, one abutment allows all restorative forms

Major milestones

We've come a long way. These milestones tell our story and show the next steps.


First application and sales launch


Admission and scientific trials


Start of development with new materials and construction of prototypes


Founding of AdvantIQx and application for patents


Start of research for appropriate alternatives


Notice of shortcomings in implant systems

About Us

Dr. med. dent. Johannes has been working as a dental implantologist for 17 years and has worked with various implant systems during his career. Being deeply unsatisfied with current options for treating periimplantitis and hearing from colleagues that they are having the same pain, he started searching for alternatives.

In the past years he evaluated more than 600 scientific research papers and combined them with his 17 years of first-hand implantology experience. The result is the invention of a completely new implant system that should finally offer a far better periimplantitis treatment.

Our team currently exists of five people, plus lots of external help. We're growing fast and need your support: Come and join us for our mission to revolutionize dental implants! Please send your comprehensive application to info@advantiqx.de.

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